Welcome to Agile Club

This is a place for all agile navigators! Join the club to navigate, collaborate, share and learn.

About Us

Who is Here? you might wonder...

We are people, from everywhere and anywhere with an interest in Agile.

Some are noobs, some are super seasoned.
Some are strong believers, some are not.
All are striving to make people awesome.

The Agile Club is a not a commercial organization. Started up by a few agilists that wanted to share perspectives with others. Now it's a club. A club for everyone!

Why You Should Join Us

Get Insights

From Mindset to frameworks, from how to run a standup to how to resolve conflict to creating a safe environment. Our discussions make us more agile, one step at a time.

Share Experiences

Share your experiences, your experiments, get feedback and give feedback. Let's all go on this agile journey together!

We meet often

We have sessions here, in Clubhouse, Zoom and Twitter spaces multiple times per week where you can learn and share. Join the agile conversations.

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